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Olive Oil Imported from Spain

Olive oil import business has always been one of the most popular service items of our company, with more and more imported food into China's market, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Australia and other countries of high quality olive oil have enter


Dairy product import

Angel international one-stop logistic is a professional agent of dairy products import customs clearance, from foreign shipments - advance order review - port customs declaration - cargo inspection and quarantine - commodity inspection check - customs ins


Imported food seasoning

Seasoning (condiment), refers to soy sauce, salt, vinegar, ketchup, MSG, fish sauce, oyster sauce, chicken essence, honey, sugar, caramel, pepper, chili, ginger, onion, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, peel, etc.


Imported mineral water

Export mineral water to China's foreign food manufacturers can apply for registration to the General Administration of Customs on their own or by proxy, meet the conditions for registration, registration is granted and published on the website to the pu


Import nut customs declaration

Angel international one-stop logisticIt is an old brand food raw material and pre packaged food import customs clearance agency. Since 2005, we have been undertaking large-scale overseas procurement logistics projects and import packaging affairs such as


Imported Instant Noodles

When you are not convenient to cook, what do you usually choose to eat something? There is a very easy to do food will certainly be the choice of most people, it is instant noodles.





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