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May 20 Beijing Ancol International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

2015-01-23 11:39:57

  Beijing Ancol  International Freight Forwarders Ltd. for disabled people to participate in the activities to provide strong sponsorship, Encore will continue efforts to force welfare to do microblogging, with love illuminate special groups, warm heart with the truth.
       Photo quoted words: Sina, People, Legal Evening News, Beijing TV reported that the Beijing TV Week, will make a detailed report. Now let us into the first special session of the Games, and see what happens moving things, what wonderful moments:
Participants will attend the first session of the special Games of the signature, which is a special meaning - not only witnessed the participant is the initiator, but participants.
After the end of a quite imposing lion dance, we play the host - GU Guang Science Director General and 孙忠旭:
He made a brief opening statement, the call out our activities Ambassadors: Major General Ye Qiaobo.
Major General Ye Qiaobo made a short speech, inspired here people with disabilities, affirmed the significance of this special operation Council.
Here began the ritual approach: First approach is that children,
Then the sun elite entrepreneurs Suppliers Society:
Come to a close-up:
And there are
State Assets Management Co., Ltd.
Balizhuang Central Primary School
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Beijing Forestry University
Beijing Youth Politics
AIESEC international volunteer team, love hand in hand, as well as the seizure photography club
 Leaders Speech:
    Li Ning teacher:
    Shangpeng Bo President:
A special, athlete representative:
Games started, let's take a look at the Games in bits and pieces:
But this technology live ,,,
  Happy ,,,,
Hog? Holed ,,,,,
I'm the Jordan ,,,,
Ye Qiaobo come and the kids race steeplechase
I won Ye Qiaobo, YEAH ~~~~~~~
End of the game, began the ceremony:
Sometimes happiness is very simple:
We never give up! :
Finally, the host said they would continue to run the next special Games and everyone sang "Invisible Wings" song successful conclusion:
But also we can not forget those lovely sunny the next, after they ran in front of the venue clean up garbage, pick out track ball, and they embody the spirit of the provider who also learned: I paid, I'm happy, I grew up!
Finally, as the Secretary-General said Gu wide learning: This is the first special session of the Games, we will continue to run next, everyone is special presence of the initiator of the Games, "Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch . " Let us take this special Games as a new starting point, closely united, hand in hand, the more people love this special group and work hard!
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