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Angel international transport co.,Ltd  is approved the first company of agent transport by MOFC, which is A grade in custom-clearance, and offer one station logistics
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24-hour hotline:18801209311
Food Logistics

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        the food logistics :
Beijing angel international to provide more professional, better and more efficient food logistics solutions and customs clearance service, our company was founded food project in early 2010, mainly responsible for international transportation of various kinds of imported food and to the port customs clearance. The main advantage:
        ●  We have professional agent in France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other major food exporters, we can provide door-to-door delivery and rapid export customs clearance (applicable to EXW terms), maximum provide convenience for you.
        ● Provide professional transportation plan, to ensure the quality of your wine and is less affected by the long distance transportation and air temperature. The main measures are:Constant temperature box, insulation materials, can slow the goods due to ambient temperature by temperature change and the extent of change;To avoid the water vapor caused by temperature change of packing (carton, label) damage;To prevent the container odor infiltration;- airbags, prevent collision of tray, glass bottle packing against breakage.
        ● According to the characteristics of your products, it is suggested that the best insurance plan, such as fragile perishable Easy to severe damage to the goods due to factors such as strike, delivery delay and so on, the maximum guarantee your rights and interests.
        ● Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, shenzhen, dalian and other major domestic ports, all can provide fast, professional customs clearance service.
        ● Flexible way of agent, whether you have import and export right, whether there is wine, we can help you to complete the import business.
        ● Provide foreign wine resources, build a good platform between you and the chateau.
      the food import process:
       1、change B/L in Tianjin port
       2、custom transit in Tianjin
       3、inspection in Beijing
       4、custom clearance in beijing 
       5、custom release and delivery
       6、delivery the sample and issue sanitary certificate
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