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Angel international transport co.,Ltd  is approved the first company of agent transport by MOFC, which is A grade in custom-clearance, and offer one station logistics
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Beijing Angel International Transportation Co., Ltd
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24-hour hotline:18801209311
Door to door

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        AGL international one-stop consultancy exclusive services are focus on door to door, port to door professional import and export logistics projects, the door to door service make transportation, storage, loading and unloading, processing, sorting, dispatching, information and other aspects of organic combination, forming a complete supply chain, to provide customer with multi-function, the integration of comprehensive services.
        We have overseas agency all over the world, domestic customs clearance, foreign customs clearance, international shipping one-stop door to door service. We can tailor for the customer, provide services including transport, not only involves sorting, packaging, storage and so on many aspects. Customers of different goods, no matter how complex, variety specification we can according to customer's requirements to sorting it to different packages, accurate and timely delivery to the designated place. We have the powerful network agent at various points with cheap price and high quality service.
●One stop service: arranging pick up from foreign factory, custom clearance and inland tracking to door service.
● Collect airfreight: Help you acting mat freight in foreign countries, and pay the freight after the goods arrived in domestic
● Airports in China and Europe, exports DDU/DDP to door service.
● Convenient and swift:  arranging custom clearance after the door pick up the goods, to air take-off, reached the mainland, range of 2-3 days or so.
● Operating A line brand clothing, household appliances instruments, red wine, machinery parts, medical equipment, lighting, and other products import have an advantage.
● International Transportation to exhibition booth and custom clearance of Europe exhibition , ATA carnet.
● Personal effect shipment transportation, custom clearance and delivery to door.
● Inland transportation, warehousing,  custom clearance and CIQ inspection, fumigation and so on one-step service.
● International insurance service.
Every detail we will do it best, let you feel our heart. 

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