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Repair and returned

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       Repair, returned:
       After many customers imported goods, need to return to the foreign factory for repair. When handled properly repaired goods export clearance, import declaration required to provide original, especially in Shanghai and Guangdong ports also need to produce the original declaration, the average company is very difficult to find the original import declaration, so many companies in the export or parts when servicing equipment will encounter difficulties, but if the customs export service for more than a year in full for the goods to be taxed, companies there is a big risk, but in fact Beijing Customs port of export goods have dedicated and meticulous maintenance requirements, such as if someone less than the original import declaration when processing methods, as well as the mode of application of extended before, there are tax-free if and only method of revisionism after value-added tax by repairs section, which for business equipment or repair parts is very important a. We have many years of experience in this area. For many large domestic and foreign companies and institutions for the successful handling of the relevant procedures. Tips; returned with the need to provide repair materials
       Repair declare goods temporarily imported sea detention margin
       Customs required information:
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