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Mitsubishi Electric import
In the 90-year history, Mitsubishi Motors is committed to cutting-edge technology and expertise in research and development activities and in the development and manufacture of high-performance products and equipment systems on this basis.
Mitsubishi Electric has long established a global network of its companies, research institutions and manufactured by a single entity, technical information and data provided to each division, the process of creating first-class products in each department plays an important role. Mitsubishi Motors, while maintaining its leading position in the field of industrial and heavy electrical equipment, satellites, defense systems, elevators and escalators, automotive electronic products, air-conditioning, ventilation equipment, etc., and will further expand in the mobile communication devices, display devices The display device technology and leading-edge semiconductor and other areas of the world market share. In addition, Mitsubishi will also aim to develop new business areas, particularly in areas such as environmental protection and water purification success.
Mitsubishi Electric's business in China, with the process of China's development and a step by step development and growth. From 1978 to undertake the Baoshan Iron and Steel Plant began generating equipment, provides a variety of industrial and household electrical equipment, electrical equipment, elevators, air conditioners and other products and equipment to Chinese customers. But also actively carry out technical exchange and cooperation activities with many enterprises in China.
As of April 2010, Mitsubishi Electric joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises in China has reached 24, which in the field of electronic devices auto parts, semiconductors, and power transmission equipment, elevators, railway vehicle electrical products, industrial automation equipment, the broad areas of household appliances and other electronic machines, are to carry out the undertakings and active technology transfer.
Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. was established in October 1997 as an investment company, in the future we will further develop our investment activities in China, and as an integrated electronic Electrical Company - Mitsubishi Electric in China's window, will continue to expand and joint research and development of Chinese scientific research, and other units, personnel training, cultural exchanges and other activities for China-Japan friendship and contribute to economic development.
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