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Angel international transport co.,Ltd  is approved the first company of agent transport by MOFC, which is A grade in custom-clearance, and offer one station logistics
Typical Case
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24-hour hotline:18801209311
Typical Case

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Customs clearance pharmaceutical products, medical devices
The company more than a decade hundreds of pharmaceutical, medical companies, hundreds of medical products through the import and export of transport and customs services, new and old customer satisfaction, in the medical device field has also been made more excellent achievements and more solid professional operation team ......
Our products and services operations FIRMS:
Medical equipment imported from the United States and human blood stem cells, gas analyzers for jkll You An Hospital and other hospitals and 302 patients with life-saving, we operate for a year, with no late arrivals, are the fastest time customs clearance and transport train service , in addition to operating through the inlet pulmonary function, cardiac pacemakers super laser positioning system, stereoscopic microscope, color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, B-type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasound probe, E light beauty instrument, L2 pepsinogen quantitative detector , pulmonary function, arteriosclerosis tester, endothelial function diagnostic device evaluation system Diabetes noninvasive airway allergic response test systems, pathogen monitors, implantable cardiac pacemakers, animal respiratory machines, animal pain flow tester , laparoscopy, nucleic acid (DNA) drug synthesis instrument, biopsy forceps, endoscope accessories, artificial limbs milling mill, a plate heater, breast detector, ECG, automatic pathogen detection system, platelet analyzer, platelet aggregation instrument , cell fusion instrument, such as a generic medicine, Smith Barney, Donglin, Hassan, Wofen and other business services.
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