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Angel international transport co.,Ltd  is approved the first company of agent transport by MOFC, which is A grade in custom-clearance, and offer one station logistics
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Beijing Angel International Transportation Co., Ltd
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24-hour hotline:18801209311
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       Bulk transport projects:
       Beijing Angel  International Logistics professional bulk transport bulky equipment projects, project engineering, bulk cargo, such as whether the import and export, domestic transportation, or outside can operate abroad. And transport of goods made under circumstances placement insurance plan, you only need to provide cargo information, from operations to the dangerous condition of the cargo claims one-stop service. Main business: bulk cargo transportation, warehousing, and distribution projects, the total package of logistics, packaging and processing. Beijing Angel International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. in accordance with their own means of transport can be controlled and integrated facilities, and fully mobilize the coastal and offshore port logistics resources, the use of railways, highways, aviation and other collaborative resources, according to the characteristics of the goods, work flow and safety requirements , with the loading and unloading sites, ports, roads and waterways and other natural conditions for our customers to design the most economical, safe and reliable transportation route, reducing the entire transport costs and ensure that the natural attributes and physical properties of the goods after displacement.
       Beijing International Logistics large project logistics products and services:
Whole plant relocation services: project record, tax relief, such as door-handle and stop the whole plant relocation services;
Product Logistics: integrated logistics solutions aviation materials, automotive, LED and textiles such as product design and implementation;
Logistics support services: tailored to customers and implementation of integrated logistics solutions, professional equipment and facilities investment, provide logistics support services;
Import and export of large equipment throughout the transportation business and the overall logistics solutions design, equipment installation location;
China's foreign aid projects and contracting transportation business: bulk transport, project auxiliary materials procurement, transportation insurance and overseas inland transport.
       Classic case:
1. Philips: German factory delivery of raw materials, air / sea to Beijing full door to door transportation, finished air / sea Beijing factories to Austria factory door to door service;
2, Foxconn: Taiwan to Tianjin to Hebei land and sea transport projects.
3, LG Beijing Company: Korea air / sea import (processing) and clearance delivery to Beijing factory full service. Finished seaborne exports to South Korea, Taiwan, airlifted to door transport;
4, the declaration: Shenhua air shipping declared under blue sky trading companies to import a 18 m long old Boeing aircraft, complete all the old electromechanical clearance, quarantine and transport links, customers are very satisfied.
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