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      We work with global chain of old Tokyo Marine Insurance Company ---- hand in hand, a large sum insured per year altogether 220,000,000.00, which provides general cargo, dangerous goods, art and fragile items such as shipping, air and land transport for all types of customers, Insurance Services express transportation mode. A large amount of the claims, the speed, the product type as much as the wide geographic ensure tangible benefits for each customer.
      Risks is introduced:
      Marine cargo insurance policy is to insure the risks is divided into basic insurance and additional risks categories.
1. Do not have basic insurance FPA (Free from Paricular Average-FPA), WPA (With Average or With Particular Average-WA or WPA) and All Risks (All Risk-AR) three.
Limitation of Liability (1) FPA: ① insured goods in transit, all the losses due to natural disasters or the entire consignment of constructive total loss. Insured cargo transported by barge or away from the seagoing vessel, each barge loaded cargo can be considered as a whole batch. ② conveyance being caused by accidents of all or part of the loss of cargo. ③ In the conveyance has been made of the accident, the whole part of the cargo had lost at sea after natural disasters at sea causing. ④ When handling or transport, all because of one or a few pieces of cargo into the sea or in part caused by the loss. ⑤ Insured Insured range of goods to take rescue measures to prevent or reduce damage to cargo and payment of a reasonable fee, but not to exceed the consignment so saved the insurance amount. ⑥ transport after distress, loss due to the discharge port of refuge and caused at an intermediate port, a port of refuge because of unloading, storage as well as special charges arising from the delivery of goods. ⑦ common seamen sacrifice, sharing and relief costs. ⑧ transportation contract have "Ship collision liability clause", reimbursed by the Cargo ship losses in accordance with the provisions. (2) the responsibility of the WPA: In addition to the responsibilities of the FPA, but also partly responsible for the loss of the insured goods due to natural disasters. Limitation of Liability (3) All Risks: In addition to the responsibilities FPA and WPA, and is also responsible for the loss of all or part of the insured goods in transit due to generally caused by external causes.
2, additional risks to expand and complement the basic insurance liability, it alone can not insured, additional insurance do not have a general plus additional risks and special risks.
Plus there are 11 kinds of general insurance, which includes: theft, pilferage insurance (Theft, Pilferage and Nondelivery-TPND), fresh rain insurance (Frrsh Water and / or Rain Damage), the short amount of risk (Risk of Shortage in Weight), Leakage (Rish of Leakage), mixed, contamination risk (Rish of Intermixture and Contamination), collision damage, the risk of breakage (Risk of Intermixture and Contamination), odor risk (Risk of Odour), moisture and heat risk (Sweating and Heating Risk), hook damage insurance (Hook Damage Risk), packaging rupture risk (Breakage of Packing Risk), rust damage insurance (Risk of Rust). Special additional risks include: delivery within a risk (Faliure to Deliver Risk), import tariffs insurance (Import Duty Risk), deck risk (On Deck Risk), reject insurance (Rejection Risk), aflatoxin risk (Aflatoxin Risk), the seller benefits insurance (Seller's Contingent Risk), exports of goods to Kowloon and Hong Kong or Macau warehousing fire extension clause, strike insurance (Fire Risk Extention Clause for Storage of Cargo of Destination Hongkong Inaluding Kowloon, or Macao), Marine war risk (Ocean Marine Cargo War Risk) and so on.
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