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Hazardous article transport

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        CITES permit agency, species permits, specific cumbersome, long process, newcomers often do not know where to start, take a lot of detours waste of time, you know the import of goods, time is money, itself CITES permit is only valid for six months, dragged on for a long time will lead to either document expired, or goods to the port, extended domestic container costs are very high. Our agents have relevant endangered species certificate of experience as professional, trustworthy!
       Sea and air import declaration of imported goods to Hong Kong after the declaration required documents as follows:
        First, to provide routine documents:
        1. The arrival notice, a copy of the bill of lading, letter of recommendation for a single;
        2. The essential documents: packing list, invoice, one copy of the contract, customs, inspection instructions for each one;
        3. The method requires the goods seized first inspection, access to "Note" only after the entry declaration;
        4. After the arrival of the goods to the customs declaration required fourteen days. Customs levied on a daily basis as the deadline for delayed payment (according to the value of goods five ten thousandths) more than three months, the Department will make ownerless goods sold !!
       Second, the import of endangered species to provide documents:
        1. abroad Cites (CITES permit);
        2. Domestic cites (CITES permit);
        3. Most of the need for quarantine permit;
        4. Endangered products generally have to be inspection, if the site is no inspection, after the release takes about inspection;
        Division I finished off in the clear after, door to door delivery, and can assist customers around inspection. Specific situation, please consult Beijing Encore International Freight Forwarders professional customer service; more efficient; more efficient; more money;
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