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Angel international transport co.,Ltd  is approved the first company of agent transport by MOFC, which is A grade in custom-clearance, and offer one station logistics
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24-hour hotline:18801209311
Bonded Logistic

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      Bonded Logistics:
      We have bonded warehouse in Tianjin and Beijing, related services can be designed according to the actual situation of the goods. Operation types: temporary import and export, Tianjin Beijing tour, zero out into the whole, the whole into zero out, entrepot trade, free trade zone within the exhibition, repair, etc., and flexible export tax rebates, import bonded other customers concerns and safeguard the interests of customers .
      In recent years, we have high-value, high-volume customers for imported wine in bonded logistics warehousing services, effectively improve the customer cash flow, and the implementation of a whole into zero, zero out the entire report declaration form, saving operating costs. At the same time, provide a higher failure rates for businesses in the region to declare maintenance mode, improve operational efficiency, and effective control of costs.
       Tour operating procedures bonded area:
        1, customers pay a single
        2, for trailers cargo trailers,
        3, export processing zones into export declaration vehicles (morning),
        4. Processing Zone turnstiles and inspection,
        5 out of domestic customs processing area,
        6, domestic factories discharge;
      Customs information required:
        1, customs power of attorney,
        2, invoices,
        3, packing list,
        4, handwritten declaration;
      For France seized the need to provide:
    (1) inspection instructions,
    (2) invoices,
    (3) packing list,
    (4) a copy of each contract;
    All of the above information is required to the original; if the declaration provided for manual manual needed.
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